Diary of the festival
7 april 2017

To become a part of the Festival means leaving your mark in the history

We learned what the musical project of the cultural program of the Festival would be like

Diary of the festival
7 april 2017

To become a part of the Festival means leaving your mark in the history

In 1957, at the World Festival of Youth and Students in Moscow, was created the Choir of youth and students – the collective with a glorious history of performances and its own musical traditions. Today, 60 years later, we stand at the origins of the World Youth Symphony Orchestra (WYSO) – the unique project, which has no analogues in the world music history.

During the whole Festival, the musicians will prepare to perform the program consisting of the masterpieces of the world classical repertoire, and the result of their work will be a large concert of symphonic music.

The authors of the idea of creating an orchestra, its partners and organizers are the Union of Russian Composers and Pokrovsky Chamber Opera, as well as the Artistic Director and Chief Conductor of the World Youth Symphony Orchestra Ayrat Kashaev – Moscow Conservatory graduate, assistant and student of the outstanding maestro, legendary conductor –  Gennady Rozhdestvensky. Since 2015, Ayrat Kashaev has been the Director and Conductor of Taurida National Educational Forum’s Symphony Orchestra, the Artistic Director of the Musical Academic Assembly of Young Composers, Musicologists, and Musicians of Taurida’s Echo.

We talked to Ayrat Kashaev and learned what the World Youth Symphony Orchestra would be like.

- How was the idea of creating the WYSO born?

- In 2015 at the forum Taurida was established a chamber orchestra, next year – a symphonic one, and this summer it will be a large symphonic orchestra. This Forum is a good training for the WYSO. There the collective has little time to play together, only 5-6 days, to show a great result after the rehearsal process. Of course, that is where the idea to create a unique music collective in the fields of the Festival came from. It’s an unprecedented project, because it will be the first World Youth Symphony Orchestra. Nobody has ever done this before. 

- What are the next steps?

- A serious and intensive work is being done now in order to form the program with the organizers and partners, to attract representatives of the music community from all over the world. When the outstanding musician, brilliant pianist-virtuoso Denis Matsuev joined the team of organizers, the project reached a completely new level. We are convinced that what we have planned will not just be realized, this collective will go on. We’ll present the World Youth Symphony Orchestra to a wide audience at the highest level; indeed, it will be an event of a planetary scale.

The basis of the program will be such pearls of the world classical repertoire as "Symphonic Dances" by Sergei Rachmaninoff, "Also sprach Zarathustra" by Richard Strauss, "Romeo and Juliet" by Pyotr Tchaikovsky.

- How the selection of candidates from the whole world will be conducted? 

- Persons aged between 18 and 35 years, which already have education of a status of the student of musical higher educational institution. Candidates should play a musical instrument at the high level and have an experience of playing in an orchestra of works of the world classical repertoire of the high degree of complexity can become participants of the orchestra. 

For the orchestra we recruit participants from all over the world. We sent many letters to different countries and some other letters will be sent to the embassies, which are connected with foreign musical universities. The music world is small: people know each other. Young people send information about them, their records, if there is no opportunity to listen to a musician from some country located far away, for example, Peru. We are actively working with Russian conservatories; we are conducting meetings and presentations of the WYSO in Russia. Auditions in Nizhny Novgorod and Moscow are planned, we have been cooperating with many musicians for many years, and just a few days ago, such a meeting with the students of the St. Petersburg Conservatory took place. Now the WYSO proposes a group of participants of 170 people, while the largest groups usually do not exceed 110-120 people.

- How do you plan to communicate with the musicians from the whole world?

- Firstly, all musicians understand the language of music, and secondly, the English language today allows you to communicate with many people from all over the world. In any case, there is also a language of gesture that the conductor uses and the universal terminology in Italian, which is used in the work of the entire music community. I am sure that there will be no problems with finding a common language. 

- What else do you plan to realize during the Festival in Sochi?

- Not only the WYSO is planned, but also the work of the "Musical Lounges", where not only performers playing classical musical instruments, but also musicians who come from their countries with unusual exotic instruments, can take part. Historically, these instruments are not used in the symphony orchestra, but what interest they will cause in the classical musicians!

The life of musicians is not easy, it includes ordinary issues, which every person should solve every day and every hour: work, study and other everyday affairs. In order to go to the Festival, you need to leave the usual routine for some time. This can cause some difficulties. These difficulties may stop many people, but, friends, just imagine what kind of opportunity we have - participation in such an event, which we will tell our children and grandchildren about. It is worth taking a week off from work or school. October is not a time of exams and not the most active part of the concert season. 

The WYSO is a large-scale project with a great perspective. It was not created for a single case - the very idea of the World Youth Symphony Orchestra will go on. The WFYS 2017 is a special event for the musician, because he does not go there as a listener, he goes to create music; he will give his soul and heart to this project. What else do musicians live for? It is obvious that such an event can happen only once in a lifetime. To become a part of the World Festival of Youth and Students means leaving your mark in the history, becoming not only its witnesses, but also creators.