Diary of the festival
20 february 2017

Each one wants to be the best

The «Budu Guru» project manager told about the world of IT-professions

Diary of the festival
20 february 2017

Each one wants to be the best

The main thing is how talented the Russian youth is – showed the recent first meeting of the Organizing Committee. Within the event were held 8 presentations of amazing projects, each of which presented one of the spheres of the discussion program of the Festival in Sochi. We decided to tell more about the ideas voiced at the Organizing Committee. Therefore, meet information guide for the IT-career – the «Budu Guru» project.

Information technology industry is flourishing and full of various exciting professions, and IT-companies are at the first lines in the attractiveness ratings for young specialists. All the most interesting things produced today - from mobile games to robots – are linked with the world of technologies. Over the past ten years, the face of the Russian IT-industry has changed dramatically, now it is not only purchase and sale of computers, but also their production, complex information systems, big projects for commercial and state structures, training programs for skilled workers. In short, the demand on these specifics is extremely high today. Ekaterina Kuznetsova, the project manager and the 3rd year student of the National Research University – Higher School of Economics have become our personal guide on technologies.

The project «Budu Guru» was launched to create in Russia a new wave of young, successful IT-leaders, who will be able to change the future world and represent Russia at the global level through their ideas and products.

- Tell me how you came to the project…

- I appeared in the project «Budu Guru» by the will of fate, if I may say so. One day, completely by accident, I found out about the internship in ROCIT, the public organization uniting active Russian Internet users. I read it and thought: "Wow, that's cool!” Looked which skills are needed for an internship and realized that I was the perfect candidate, so I went for an interview. I was offered to choose what project to participate in, because ROCIT conducts not only «Budu Guru», and there were many projects, as it turned out. Technologies are developing so quickly that you need to constantly learn something new in order to stay informed. So, I turned out to be involved in the project.

- Then it is logical to ask, what is this project about? For whom is it?

- The project aims to popularize information technologies among the younger generation and show them the breadth of professional development offered by this sphere. To explain that there are not only the professions of programmer or database administrator, but also many innovative directions, which just appeared on the market of professions. 
Today the companies are ready to finance training young professionals; they are willing to nurture professionals, to invest in their development. We cooperate with a huge number of IT-corporations in Russia, so we know exactly what we are talking about.

On the website, we have useful sections, for example, there is a section with vacancies where student can find a specialization to his liking, to get an internship or pass practice. In parallel with this, we draw informative info graphic explaining the different directions in the IT-sphere. We are developing this area, providing information on professions, dispose them on the level of salaries, the necessary skills and competencies. We also provide statistics, from which it becomes clearm in what region the demand in this sector is higher, which companies are looking for such specialists at the moment. And also we publish manuals for teachers and students. «IT-universities rating» was recently added, many guys, especially those who finish high school, often "get lost", most of them don’t know what profession to choose, where to study and where to find such a direction. Thus, the rating of high schools considering passing scores of examination tests was composed.

- How does your team see the further development of the project? What you aspire today to?

- Nowadays there are lots of websites with very uncoordinated information. Somewhere there are separate atlases of professions (we have it too), somewhere internships and vacancies are described, but there is no universal source of knowledge. We would like to become such a universal platform, which will allow the young person to find everything he needs to choose who he wants to be. And if he had already chosen education for himself or graduated from university, we would like to help him to understand where to go and how to develop, learn, what are the prospects. "Certification" section has been created for this.

The aim of our project - to express ourselves on a national scale. And I would like a young man, asking a question in the sphere of technologies, to know that there is «Budu Guru», where he can find the answers to all his questions.
And, of course, the educational activity. In addition to online, we also want to carry out offline activities: all kinds of trainings, conferences and master classes – to promote modern technologies among the young people in every possible way.

- Can the Festival be useful as a platform for the development of the project? Remembering a presentation at the first meeting of the Organizing Committee, do you consider WFYS 2017 as a resource?

- Of course, because the event will gather our target audience: young people and students. We will be able to present our project and get feedback - this is very important for further development. After all, we have created the project and we are working for young people, schoolchildren, students, and teachers. The Festival will give a great opportunity to discuss some moments and do work on the mistakes - the truth is born in the discussion. So, we will be able to understand what was right and what was not. And for me personally, it is a great opportunity to discuss some specific points and share experiences with professionals in the technology industry. In my opinion, the project will be even better, more colorful and more interesting after the Festival. At the same time making possible passing of internships abroad for guys from Russia remains our goal.

I want to note that the project is non-commercial, and everyone can get access to the materials published by us and attend lectures, which are held thanks to our project. We already have some results, and these results should be voiced.

- Speaking about the results, what you have already achieved? Did the guys find a dream job or an internship??

- Today we have a base formed of more than 500 courses, professions atlas consisting of 30 specializations, 3 manuals issued for teachers and students. Thanks to us young people passed more than 200 internships at large companies, and it cannot but please us. And finally was created our website with very interesting and informative sections, which provide a huge volume of information, selected and compiled in one place. And also 40 conferences on different platforms were held. 

- How the project activities help you? Do you learn something new? 

 - Well, that's another story! When I have plunged into the project, I knew, like many others, that there were programmers, technical writers and system administrators, but when I have begun working on this project and writing technical assignments for info graphics, collecting information for the methodical manuals, I faced with the huge volume of new knowledge and came home after work with a swollen head. But this process is very interesting!

Very often I have to adapt foreign texts for writing materials, because the IT sphere is highly developed abroad. 
And another big advantage. I am working on the project not alone, of course, and the project teamwork isn't a simple matter. You must be able to coordinate work inside a team, distribute responsibilities among its members. And also, when you work not alone, then you're fully responsible for the result that you provide. And if you go wrong somewhere, then the final result won't be correct too.

- How do you think, what young people are waiting for today?

- Each one wants to be the best at something. Unfortunately, when you haven’t got a good example, you are getting lost. But the Festival will help to meet people who are still finding themselves, or have already found in something specific, because more than 20 000 young people from all continents of the planet will arrive in Sochi. And you will definitely find someone who will share with you his knowledge and experience. I'm sure no one will come back the same after the Festival, because it's a huge inner growth. I won't return the same!