Diary of the festival
30 december 2016

Results of the year

Year 2016, which was rich in events, is coming to an end, and it's time to draw the line and to share successes

Diary of the festival
30 december 2016

Results of the year

2016 gave the world the news about the revival of the traditions of the Festival of youth and students. We all did an important work and overcame significant milestones in preparation, and now we stand a threshold of the year of carrying out the next, nineteenth, Festival. Let's remember together what was the passing 2016.

 At the beginning of 2016 the World Federation of Democratic Youth highly appreciated the application of the Russian Federation for hosting the Festival. Earlier, in 2015, the application has been submitted by the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs (Rosmolodezh) on behalf of the Russian President Vladimir Putin. During the evaluation visit of the delegation of WFDY management in February this year in Russia, it was decided that our country would become hostess of the Festival. And so began the history of the XIX World Festival of Youth and Students.

During this year were held the I and the II International Preparatory Meetings in accordance with the traditions of the festival movement. The first one took place in Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, where Sochi was chosen unanimously as a venue of the Festival, the slogan and logo of the Festival were approved, preserving traditions and keeping up with time. The ready modern infrastructure of the Black Sea resort, which has remained in heritage from the Winter Olympic Games, became a huge advantage. This will allow the participants of the Festival not only to stay comfortable in the days of the events, but also to be in close proximity to all key objects.

At the II International Preparatory Meeting in the capital of Namibia, Windhoek, was presented the draft of the Festival program. As expected, each day of the Festival of youth in accordance with the traditions of the festival movement will be dedicated to one of macro regions of the planet (America, Near East, Asia and Oceania, Europe, Russia as the host of the event), their specificity and key spheres: ecology, economics, health, education and others. The expanded program will be formed considering 17 Sustainable Development Goals developed by the United Nations.

The Festival has already secured the support of the United Nations institutions. His willingness to participate in preparation expressed the UN Secretary General's Envoy on Youth Ahmad Alhendawi during the All-Russian Educational Forum "Territory of meanings on the Klyazma". The invitation to the Festival was sounded at the main grandstand of the authoritative international organization. Thus, during the 71th session of the UN General Assembly in September this year, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in his speech emphasized the importance of the Festival in the formation of constructive international dialogue.

In addition, negotiations on the joint development of the Festival program with international partners such as UNESCO, BRICS institutions and the CIS are conducted.

On September 10 took place the most grandiose dedication to students, which has no analogues in the world – the Parade of Russian Students. This year the event was held under the slogan «Towards the Festival of youth and students!» and it was the biggest in its history. Columns of students passed simultaneously in 30 major Russian cities, among them - Moscow, Orenburg, Arkhangelsk, Belgorod, Volgograd, Ekaterinburg, Izhevsk, Irkutsk, Nizhny Novgorod, St Petersburg, Sevastopol, Khabarovsk and others. More than 350 thousand freshmen and students from more than 300 universities of Russia took part in the parade on that day.

During the week from 10 to 14 October together we held a number of events #YearBeforeFestival: symbolic race for 2017 meters, in which the future participants of the Festival were supported by Sports Minister (now Deputy Prime Minister) Vitaly Mutko; the first meeting of the public ambassadors – Russian and foreign sportsmen, actors, directors and pop stars, public figures; and of course, ceremony start the clock countdown to the Festival on the Sparrow Hills.  In the festive events of the week participated more than 20 thousand people from the whole country. 

We should also mention the start of work of the International Youth Media Center, which started its activities in the autumn on social network Facebook. The project was presented at the World Congress of Russian Press in Paris at UNESCO Headquarters, appreciated and supported by the representatives of leading Russian-language media from more than 60 countries. The virtual discussion platform will unite the active young generation of the entire planet. Here will be discussed the most urgent problems of the youth of all countries, current news agenda corresponding the specifics and needs of young people from different regions, opinion leaders from different spheres will be published.

In all regions of Russia within the autumn continued presentations and forums, dedicated to the Festival and festival problems. For example, in Lipetsk on the ice arena MAU SK "Star" was held a friendly hockey match "Towards the Festival of Youth" between the team of the administration of the Lipetsk region and the hockey team "KomAr". As a part of «KomAr» team performed famous cinema and music artists, in Stavropol was held the final of the federal contest "Miss Student - 2016", where the main student of the country won the crown in addition to the title of "official person of the Festival". Over the coming year she will participate in public events dedicated to WFYS 2017 along with the public ambassadors. In Moscow there was a series of forums "Festival'17", discussions within the project # Dialogues, a three-day forum "Moscow Student", which was also dedicated to the preparation of the Festival, and even a sports record was set during passing the GTO standards. In seven Russian cities was held a series of strategic sessions «WorldWide» on International Student Day.

Winter started with an important youth event, which gathers activists in the northern capital for the fourth time – St Petersburg International Youth Forum, the main theme of which also was the upcoming Festival. Heads of the Regional Preparatory Committees of the Festival from all subjects of the Russian Federation came to St Petersburg. Together with the Directorate of the Festival they discussed important aspects of the organization of WFYS and stages of selection of Russian participants.

By today in the whole world hundreds of presentations of the Festival were held. In each subject of Russia the Regional Preparatory Committees were established, the National Preparatory Committees work on the whole planet from America to Asia. The structure of the Russian NPC includes representatives of various spheres: social, student, political, sports organizations, volunteer, business - it helps us to address the youth in the key of her employment, professional interests. The website russia2017.com since October 2016 receives applications from potential participants and volunteers from the whole world. Already today their total number exceeded the expected, and this allows us to say that the Festival causes interest in the youth of the planet. We receive messages from participants and organizers of Russian and foreign festivals of previous years. Their authors also express hope to become part of the grandiose Festival in 2017.

 Our social networks united more than 30 000 people from different parts of the world, and every day we receive dozens of messages, in which you share your ideas and suggestions how to make the XIX World Festival of Youth and Students the most bright and memorable event on the planet of 2017.

Ahead of us we have important stages of preparation and new achievements, exciting 9 months of uninterrupted work on the preparation of the Festival and, of course, unforgettable October days in Sochi, Moscow and other cities of Russia. Happy New Year 2017!